SAD: See what Boko Haram did to Borno Again

Barely three days of killing eighty-one civilians in Borno, Boko Haram, has on Saturday, revisited the state, and opened fire on soldiers at checkpoint.

The terror group had invaded Zowo village on Tuesday and killed nothing less than 81 human beings. The attack also saw the killing of 23 animals which include: Cows, donkeys, goats and sheep’s. Dozens of women were reportedly raped, houses were burnt down and children abducted.

Irked by the killings, President Muhammadu Buhari, charged the armed forces to sustain their “recent string of successes against the terrorists to extract a heavy price from the attackers, and bring back all those they kidnapped as well as a large number of cattle rustled.”

Not threatened by Buhar’s order, Boko Haram, today stormed Borno and attacked Soldiers at a checkpoint in Monguno.

A security source told TheCable that the insurgents stormed the town around 12:30pm on Saturday and opened fire on soldiers at a checkpoint in the town.

The soldiers reportedly responded but the insurgents who had sneaked into the town were said to have overpowered them.

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