[Video] “This is America for everyone that thinks there isn’t racism” Black mother cries as medics allegedly wait till her son’s heart stopped beating before attending to him

A black mum, named Jessica Love Burnside has accused the Comer Children’s Hospital in the University of Chicago of discriminating against her sick son.

In a heartbreaking video shared online, Jessica is heard crying as medics struggled to restore her son’s heartbeat after his heart rate went to “zero”.

While crying, she accused the doctors of ignoring her all the while that she told them that her son looked like he was dying. She said that for hours, she kept begging them to attend to him but they waited till he didn’t have a heartbeat before they acted.

Before the video ended, she calmed down and said that they finally got a pulse.

Afterwards, Jessica went on Facebook Live to narrate what happened.

She said: “Please note I couldn’t get my phone out in time to record them wait several minutes to help when my son’s heart rate and breathing were zero and he’s in cardiac arrest. I have been begging for help ALL DAY!!! Seth’s heartrate was in the 40s,50s and 60s all day and in a coma like state. I have been begging to go to the ICU and begging for certain tests to be run. My son has been appearing to slowly DIE THE ENTIRE DAY. THEY IGNORE ALL MY REQUESTS! His heart rate and pulse go to ZERO and they still wait to call a code and get help! They are not only killing US IN STREETS! #justiceforseth SHARE THIS VIDEO. THEY ARE KILLING US IN HOSPITALS. This is one moment amongst many horrors I’ve never shared. Being black with a medically complex son has been a nightmare I have documented racists abuse toward myself and other mothers.”

In an earlier post, she called on people to demand that the hospital be investigated for racism.

She wrote: “Please if you can click on this link and demand that the Comer Children’s Hospital at the University of Chicago be investigated for racist treatments. We aren’t only being killed on the streets. I have documented nightmares along with other back families regarding this place. Right now Seth needs urgent help. Share. And make comments on this review, please. #justiceforseth while he is still alive please.”

Watch the video below

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