Malaysian police accused of arresting a Nigerian lady and releasing 5 Chinese men who gang-raped her (listen to voice note)

The Malaysian police has been accused of arresting a Nigerian lady who filed a complaint against 5 Chinese men who gang-raped her and releasing the men after allegedly taking bribe. 

One of the Chinese men reportedly showed interest in the Nigerian lady identified simply as “Nicole” and they met at Changkat in Kuala Lumpur, before he allegedly took her to one of his father’s hotel in the city.

Unknown to the Nigerian lady, the Chinese men had plans to rape her. Upon reaching the hotel, she was allegedly beaten and taken to another location where the Chinese nationals called in their friends who gang-raped her without protection. Naked photos and videos of the lady were reportedly taken by the Chinese men who threatened to release it if she exposes them. 

Nicole was rescued after she shouted for help and this led to the arrest of 4 of the Chinese men after she lodged a complaint. The Chinese nationals were however released after the main suspect’s father reportedly mounted pressure on the police. 

The Nigerian lady was subsequently arrested and has been held for days in police custody for not having legal document. She will be arraigned today at a Jalan Duta Court, where it is expected the Judge will rule in favour of her deportation. 

While the Nigerian High Commission official attention has been drawn to the case, it was alleged that the move to deport the Nigerian lady is to cover-up the alleged injustice she was subjected to. 

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