Don Lulu @39: A Life Of Giving

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to slow down economic activities globally, foremost Nigerian entertainment and  business mogul Lucky Igbokwe popularly known as Don Lulu remains committed in addressing the plights of many down trodden Nigerians.

Don Lulu who has outlined a number of humanitarian activities to be undertaken through his foundation to mark his 39th birthday will equip the building donated by Senator T.A Orji in Umuawa Alaocha Primary School with modern computers in his foundations digital inclusion efforts as a part of the organization’s strategy at closing the existing performance gaps between the poor and the rich in the society.

The name Don Lulu has become synonymous with philanthropy and entrepreneurship little wonder he choose to assist those who are classified as unemployable to get meaningfully engaged through skill acquisition program which is in continuation of his revolving multi-million-naira empowerment fund launched in 2018.

This year’s birthday celebration will also witness the energizing of the transformer donated by Senator T.A Orji through his foundation.

Don Lulu @39: A Life Of Giving

Don Lulu who went into the entertainment industry as a music promoter at an early age and that move saw him establishing a recording company known as 2Flame Entertainment Limited which today has grown to be a huge success and a leading record label in Nigeria is also the Chairman and managing director of Lucion Towers Constructions Limited, a real estate and property development firm. 

Lucky Igbokwe was appointed the United Nations Mayor of Peace in 2013, making him the youngest MoP in South Eastern Nigeria in recognition of his efforts towards lasting regional and global peace initiatives.

Over the years the month of June has remained indelible in the annals of Nigerian entertainment community as Abia state, friends and relatives look forward to celebrate Lucky Igbokwe, a man who has redefined philanthropy and human capital development.   

The great war time politician and philosopher Winston Churchill once said “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give”

Don Lulu @39: A Life Of Giving
Don Lulu @39: A Life Of Giving
Don Lulu @39: A Life Of Giving
Don Lulu @39: A Life Of Giving
Don Lulu @39: A Life Of Giving
Don Lulu @39: A Life Of Giving

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