‘Now she’s got to go on Facebook and explain herself’ – Howard Stern slams August Alsina for revealing his affair with Jada Pinkett Smith

American radio and television personality and author, Howard Stern has slammed singer August Alsina for putting the spotlight on Jada Pinkett and Will Smith’s marriage by revealing he had an affair with her.

Alsina, 27, revealed the 2016 affair with Jada Smith during a recent interview with “The Breakfast Club”. He said he had the blessing of her husband, Will Smith, suggesting they had an open marriage.

Jada over the weekend, appeared on her Facebook show, ‘Red Table talk’ with her husband Will Smith and admitted that she had an affair with Alsina when she and Will Smith were secretly separated.

Jada also revealed that she learnt a lot about herself and how much she loved her husband during the period she was dating Alsina but that she and the singer haven’t spoken in years.

Stern, 66, has now shared an unexpected opinion: Alsina should stop publicly discussing the affair and focus on the fact that he ‘fu*ked Jada Pinkett Smith’

“What a f–king d—wad. Dude, you got to f–k Jada Pinkett Smith,” Stern said on SiriusXM’s “The Howard Stern Show.” 

“By the way, put me in that line. That girl is hot.”

He later added, “Be a little bit classy.”

“She f–king banged you. How nice of her,” Stern said, gushing over Pinkett Smith’s beauty.
“I mean, look at her.”

Stern also said that by publicly discussing the affair, Alsina put Pinkett Smith in an uncomfortable position by forcing her to talk about it on “Red Table Talk.”

“Now she’s got to go on Facebook and sit here and explain herself to Will Smith and her kids and her mother,” Stern said. “What did she do that was so horrible to this guy that he has to f–k her life up?”

Stern then added he thinks Alsina is jealous of Pinkett Smith.

“You know what his beef is?” Stern asked. “I’m not famous — I f–ked Jada Pinkett Smith.”
“I still don’t know your name, a—–e. You did a bonehead thing.”

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