‘Where was Maryanne at her brother’s funeral?’ Republicans go on offensive after Donald Trump’s sister called him a ‘cruel brat who doesn’t read’ in secret audio recording

Republicans have come out to defend US president Donald Trump, after a secret audio recording emerged of his sister, Maryanne, calling him ‘cruel’ and confirming that he cheated on his SATs exams when he was young.

The recording released on Sunday August 23, serves as a confirmation of claims made by Mary in her memoir ‘Too Much and Never Enough’ where she claims the president paid someone to take his SATs.

Trump’s niece Mary, recorded the audio conversation of Maryanne without her knowledge and used part of it for her bombshell book about the president.

In the recording obtained by the Washington Post, Maryanne dismissed Trump’s intelligence saying ‘he doesn’t read’ and cited his only accomplishments as his ‘five bankruptcies’.

The president’s sister (pictured above) also said in the recording that Trump has ‘no principles’, ‘you can’t trust him’ and he has been ‘lying’ throughout his presidency.

She also slammed the president for his ‘phoniness’ and called him ‘cruel’ over his controversial migrant policies where thousands of children were separated from their families and held in detention centers.

Trump’s campaign aide, Jason Miller has now dismissed the comments from Trump’s 83-year-old sister as typical ‘sibling rivalry.’

‘Sibling rivalries are nothing new in the world. It’s been going on since the beginning of time,’ Miller told NBC’s Chuck Todd on ‘Meet the Press’ when asked if he felt her newly revealed comments would impact swing voters during the November election.

‘Going into next week, it’s not something that’s going to be an issue,’ he assured.

Miller also pointed to when former President Barack Obama’s half brother Malik Obama spoke out against him, saying siblings in the political world always speak out against their more accomplished or successful brother/sister.

‘This is something unfortunately when you get to the White House you have family members who sometimes decide to voice their sibling rivalries or frustrations. Nothing new,’ Miller said.

Miller also slammed the Post for publishing the exclusive content when Trump was hosting a funeral for his brother.

‘This past week, the president and Maryanne Trump lost their brother, Robert Trump. And he was just laid to rest and had their services for him at the White House on Friday, and I really do think that it’s shameful that the Washington Post came and ran the story yesterday, literally the day after the funeral services for Robert Trump,’ Miller said.

‘It’s just an attempt to try to tear down the president, to do that right after they lay their brother to rest, I think is shameful,’ he reiterated.

White House Chief of Staff and top Republican, Mark Meadows also went on the offensive during an interview with ABC News’ ‘This Week’ on Sunday night claiming this is ‘just another day and another attack.’

‘The president that I have the privilege of serving is not the one that’s being described on a 15-hour, I guess is what I’m reading, secret tape. I mean what family member tapes another family member for 15 hours secretly?’ Meadows lambasted.

Mewdows also claimed that Maryanne did not show up to her own brother, Robert Trump’s funeral on Friday.

‘I’ve never met the judge,’ Meadows continued of Trump’s older sister. 
‘I was at the funeral the other day, I was hoping to meet her there. She didn’t show up for her brother’s funeral.’

Meadows continued; ‘I can tell you a number of other things that supposedly have been alleged that the president doesn’t read much,’ Meadows said.

‘Each and everyday, he reads probably more than anybody I know, which causes me to have to read more because every morning he’s giving me a to-do list. Every evening he’s giving me a to-do list.’

‘So, listen, this is politics as usual by a niece that was written out of a will that would apparently — just has an axe to grind because she wants Joe Biden to be president,’ Meadows continued of Trump’s 55-year-old niece.’

Nancy Pelosi also weighed in on the news, claiming it’s ‘heartbreaking’ Maryanne has such a negative view of her brother Donald Trump .

‘It’s heartbreaking to think that a family member of the President of the United States would have that view of him,’ the House Speaker said during an interview with CNN’s ‘State of the Union’ .

‘This is just further evidence of his inauthenticity and his lack of integrity,’ Pelosi told host Jake Tapper.

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