Manchester United captain, Harry Maguire found guilty of aggravated assault, resisting arrest, and repeated attempts of bribery in Greece

Manchester United captain, Harry Maguire has been convicted of all charges following a brawl at the Greek holiday island of Mykonos.

The England international was found guilty of assaulting police, verbal abuse, and attempted bribery on Tuesday, August 25, after the alleged fight last Friday. He was handed a 21 month and ten day sentence suspended for three years as it was his first offence.

Maguire’s brother, Joe who plays for non-league team Ilkeston Town, was also found guilty of assault, attacking police and attempted bribery while a third man, 29-year-old Christopher Sharman, was guilty of two assault charges and another of verbal abuse. The pair were given suspended sentences of 13 months after being found guilty.

The court heard today how Maguire told Greek police ‘don’t you know who I am? I’m the captain of Man Utd’, before attempting to bribe officers after his bar brawl in Mykonos last week.

The 27-year-old flew back to the UK on Sunday ahead of his trial and was represented in court by his lawyers with his father Alan in attendance.

The lawyers claimed in court that the footballer’s sister Daisy was injected with a date rape drug by two Albanian men outside the bar the defendants were at.

Manchester United captain, Harry Maguire found guilty of aggravated assault, resisting arrest, and repeated attempts of bribery in Greece

Daisy collapsed, triggering a brawl, and police rushed to the scene, with the Albanians fleeing, the court was told.

The court heard that Maguire and his group asked to be taken to hospital after the brawl, but were stopped by undercover police.

After more violent clashes, the three accused were driven to a police station, where officers kicked Maguire on the leg and told him: ‘Your career is over’.

However, officer Mickolos Kolios claimed while giving evidence that Maguire began pushing officers and getting verbally abusive.

He claimed the footballer and his brother Joe tried to bribe officers, with Harry saying: ‘Do you know who I am? I am the captain of Manchester United. I am very rich. I can give you money. I can pay you, please let us go.’

The court also heard that Maguire said ‘f*** the police both inside and outside the station.

Maguire’s friend Ashden Morley told the court that the Manchester United captain feared that he was being kidnapped or robbed when they were stopped by undercover police officers.

Mr. Morley, a childhood friend of Harry and Joe, said that the incident with the police started as the group returned to their minibus following a night out.

He said that Harry’s sister Daisy had been approached by ‘two Albanian looking men’ as some of the group went to buy burgers and kebabs at around midnight.

He added: ‘Daisy was sat down about three metres away from us. She was approached by two Albanian looking gentlemen who asked her where she was from and she replied ‘Sheffield.’

‘They continued to stick around Daisy. Fern (Harry’s fiancé) then noticed that her eyes were rolling into the back of her head. So, she rushed across to Daisy. She then began fitting.

‘All the girls started screaming, other people were coming down and there was a real commotion.’

When asked by the Greek public prosecutor how Mr Morley knew the men were Albanian, he replied: ‘Because they looked it and had an Albanian nature.’

The court heard that Maguire and his friends rushed off in a minibus to take her to hospital. It was then they realised they were being followed by two cars behind them before the vehicle pulled up in a courtyard.

It was heard that the group of men in these cars were undercover police officers.

Mr. Morley added: ‘The van we were in stopped and the door was pulled open by a man. We thought we were either being robbed or kidnapped. Everybody was very scared.’

He revealed that Harry and his friend Chris managed to flee the van.

Mr. Morely added: ‘Harry later told me that he was trying to ring his agent to tell him that he needed help.

‘I looked out of the van and saw Harry and Chris kneeling on the ground with their hands up in the air and they were being kicked and stamped on.

‘We were all in the mini-bus with the doors open, all the girls were in hysterics, crying their eyes out.’

Maguire has confirmed he would be appealing his conviction after branding himself and his family “the victims in a statement. 

He said: “Following the hearing, I have instructed my legal team with immediate effect to inform the courts we will be appealing.

“I remain strong + confident regarding our innocence in this matter – if anything myself, family + friends are the victims.” #MUFC”.

The verdict comes a few hours after England manager Gareth Southgate, named the defender in his next international squad.

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